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Salesforce and Act-On Integration

Sustainable integration with CombiNexus

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Discover how to take your sales and marketing activities to new heights with the powerful integration of
Salesforce and Act-On. At CombiNexus we offer seamless integration between these and other platforms. This allows your business to benefit from improvements in efficiency and growth opportunities.

Benefits of Salesforce and Act-On Integration:

  1. Optimization of data consistency: Our integration ensures a flawless exchange of data between Salesforce and Act-On. As a result, you can always rely on accurate and up-to-date information. This minimizes errors and saves valuable time for your team, allowing them to focus on more valuable tasks.
  2. Better insights into the customer journey: You may have already reached agreements about how Sales and Marketing define different types of leads. It is essential for both Marketing and Sales to have a clear understanding of where a lead is in the buying journey. That way, tasks from both teams can be aligned accordingly. Linking Salesforce and Act-On gives you the ability to identify, track and convert leads more effectively. As a result, you get interactions that are even more valuable to both your customer and you.
  3. Enhanced collaboration between teams: Our integration allows sales and marketing teams to work together seamlessly. Marketing teams can execute targeted campaigns, while sales benefits from customer information to personalize their conversations. This promotes a holistic approach to customer interactions.

How CombiNexus works:

Why Choose a Salesforce and Act-On Integration:

  1. Maximize insights in return on investment (ROI): Our integrated solutions allow you to expand and complete your insights. For example, by combining your marketing and sales data, you can see which efforts are paying off the most.
  2. Scalable solution for growth: Whether you’re a startup or an established company, our integration is flexible and can be adapted as your business grows. As a result, no matter how many different tools you use, you always have the ability to grow your technology stack as your business evolves.
  3. Increased customer experience: Our integration allows you to provide a personalized customer experience by allowing you to gain better insights into your customers. As a result, you can better anticipate their needs and provide a consistent experience across all channels. This results in satisfied and loyal customers.

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